Notes for Visitors of 2023 Shoto Museum of Art Exhibition of Works by the General Public
Salon Exhibition “Nostalgia of Photography/ Special Exhibition: Images of the Great Kanto Earthquake”

  • Please refrain from talking in the museum.
  • Please keep enough distance between others.

For visitors who wish to take photographs, please check the following notes and make sure not to disturb other visitors.

  • Taking video is prohibited.
  • Photography is not permitted on the 2nd floor exhibition room and other restricted areas.
  • Photography is permitted on the B1st floor exhibition room, the stairs, the corridor and the bridge. Please be careful not to take the restricted areas, other visitors and museum staffs.
  • The use of flash, monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, etc. is prohibited.
  • Photography is for private use only. It is strictly forbidden to use the images taken for commercial purposes.
  • If you wish to post your photo on a social networking site, please do so at your own risk, taking care not to include other guests or staffs in the photo. The museum will not be held any responsible.
  • The museum may reserve the right to prohibit the taking of photographs at its discretion.

If there are any questions, please ask the museum staffs.


Please do not touch the articles on display.
In order to protect the artwork, the only writing implements that may be used inside the museum are pencils.
Photography or reproduction is not permitted.
Please refrain from using mobile phones inside the exhibition rooms.
Luggage should be placed in the lockers in the lobby on the first floor (\100 refundable deposit).
Visitors wearing wooden clogs are kindly asked to change into slippers, available at the reception counter.
Please be quiet to avoid disturbing other visitors.
Observe staff instructions inside the museum.