Goto Katsuyoshi : A Pop Artist in New York

―Turning Every Moment into Art

【Dates Changed】August 8 (Sat.) to September 22 (Tue.) October 3 (Sat.) to November 23 (Mon.)

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From his base in New York, GOTO Katsuyoshi (1936-2000) contributed to the emerging modern art movement known as pop art. Primarily using wood, he created three-dimensional works of superrealism with striking detail.
Goto was born in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, which is known for its natural surroundings. Even as a child, he wanted to be a painter. After entering the Western Painting Department of Musashino Art University, he deepened his ties with fellow artists Arakawa Shusaku and Shinohara Ushio, who he met around that time. His many activities as an artist included inviting Arakawa and Shinohara to his hometown to introduce the Neo-Dada style.
Goto went to New York in 1964. He became a permanent resident in 1972, and lived in the city until dying of illness in 2000. While making a living in commercial design, Goto continued creating art with the hopes of getting into a prestigious gallery. He also wrote articles introducing New York culture and lifestyle to Japan until his later years.
Goto was connected to many of New York’s artists, and their influence is clear in his works, which his family gave to the Yonezawa City  Uesugi Museum in his hometown  after his death. Despite the style of Goto’s writing and his pop and kitschy art style, his works exhibit diligent attention to detail, and never cease to enthrall viewers. This exhibit showcases Goto’s works and how he both sublimated the familiar into art and revealed how art can be found in our everyday lives.


Duration 【Dates Changed】August 8 (Sat.) to September 22 (Tue.) October 3 (Sat.) to November 23 (Mon.)
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