Buddhist Art in SHIBUYA

‐Masterpieces from the Nara National Museum Collection

April 9(Sat.) 2022 to May 29(Sun.) 2022

Important Cultural Property Seated Yakushi (Skt. Bhais̩ajyaguru)
Bronze, Nara period, 8th century, Nara National Museum

The Nara National Museum was founded in April 1895 as the Imperial Nara Museum. Located in a corner of Nara Park surrounded by the Todai-ji Temple, the Kofuku-ji Temple, and the Kasuga Taisha Shrine near the Nara Palace Site, where Tempyo culture flourished during the Nara period (710–784), the museum has been conveying the appeal of great Buddhist art and the rich history and culture behind it to the public for 127 years as one of Japan’s leading museums.

This exhibition will trace the history of Buddhist art in Japan through 83 masterpieces from the Nara National Museum’s collection, including the bronze statue Seated Yakushi Nyorai (Skt. Bhaisajyaguru), an Important Cultural Property, and two National Treasures: the leather Stylized Garlands and a set of painted scrolls titled Extermination of Evil.


Duration April 9(Sat.) 2022 to May 29(Sun.) 2022
AdmissionGeneral: ¥1000 (¥800)
University Students:¥800 (¥640)
High-School Students/Seniors 60 and Older:¥500 (¥400)
Elementary/Junior-High-School Students:¥100 (¥80)

*Numbers inside parentheses ( ) are admission fees for Shibuya residents.
*Elementary and junior-high-school students are admitted free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays.
*Shibuya residents are admitted free of charge on Fridays.
*Persons with disabilities and up to one attendant are admitted free of charge.
ClosedMondays , May 6(Fri.)
Advance booking is required for all Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and from Tuesday 24th to Sunday 29th of May.
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